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Cube RM offers a Revenue Management & Optimization SaaS suite helping enterprises to accelerate revenue growth and productivity

Cube RM CPQ suite helps the sales team to efficiently manage everyday sales quotation and tendering, with integrated approval workfows, team collaboration, access to product and customer information, inline price analytics, and sophisticated price guidance through proprietary machine learning models. It follows best business practices enabled by state of the art technologies, to provide an advanced way to create compelling sales offers, while ensuring corporate alignment and monitoring.

Cube RM develops a Pricing Management & Optimization SaaS platform that offers a Unified Environment for Pricing Governance including the management of everyday deal-making and strategic pricing, price predictive analytics, and the integration of existing, Excel-based, pricing systems. It can predict the impact of price changes, the probability of success, and calculate optimum prices while ensuring a smooth transition from legacy systems and reduced implementation time & cost.