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seo strategy

SEO strategy is important for almost everyone you runs an online business, no matter the size of the business.  But first; What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.
Source: searchengineland.com

In mid-2019, SEO is getting even more obligatory for any online business that wants to increase the chances to thrive online. We say chances because SEO is only a channel that contributes to the overall traffic of your website, with numerous ways to boost it and make it a valuable revenue stream. But first, you have to design your strategy and what steps you will take to reach your SEO goals. Here is a list of points that to include in your SEO Strategy:

  • Competition
  • Technical Status
  • Target keywords (non-branded)
  • Content Strategy
  • Link building

SEO Strategy – Map the competitors

Start by collecting information and SEO tactics from your nearest competitors. Write down every single detail from them starting from URLs and stop to the length of the product/services description. This task will allow you to review and find the weak spots of your rival, giving you the chance to prepare your strategy based on facts and data. From our experience in the SEO services in the last 15 years, we are sure that the majority of websites are missing/mistreating important things regarding their SEO approach. So start observing your competition and design a flawless strategy. TIP: Always start your research from the mobile version of a website or e-shop.

Technical Status of your website is important for SEO

July 2018, Google announced that SSL certificate is essential to be installed at your website if you want to be featured on the 1st page of Google Search. To be more clear, Google said that websites with SSL certificates will be rewarded more than others, without it. Another important factor is SPEED. Researches have shown that the longer it takes a page to load, the more likely is for the visitor to bounce. Have a look at the chart below:


If you are not a developer or an SEO expert it is not so easy to spot these issues. It is also harder to resolve them if you don’t have the appropriate resources. ON.marketing’s tech audit includes more than 200 factors to check and we give free consulting on how to resolve the important technical issues.
[BONUS] – A free tool to check your website’s speed – https://gtmetrix.com/

Traffic from non-branded keywords

In SEO strategy you must divide the keywords into two groups; the branded and the non branded. The non branded keywords are these that they are not including the brand.
Branded keyword: NIKE basketball shoes
Non branded keyword: basketball shoe man

This is crucial to do include in your SEO strategy because of the fact that branded searches eventually, will land on your website. And there are some tough questions; how many people know/remember your brand? how much money did you spend to make people aware of your brand? If you are not NIKE, Amazon, or other huge brands people will not search your brand. Hard, but this is true.

The strategy to rank for non-branded keywords is based in a single idea. ANSWER USERS’ QUESTIONS. Discover what people search and it’s relevant to your brand, cross-check the data, optimize the content and wait for free visitors.

Content SEO Strategy

Why content is important in your effort to reach, stay and dominate Google 1st page?
Because it’s the only way to include more answers to user’s questions.
A unique, SEO friendly and compact content is essential for every website. From product descriptions to a blog post, each page with content must be valued as an important piece of a giant puzzle. If missing a piece, the job is not finished. At this point, we want to highlight the importance of creating guidelines about each piece of content. This will help current and future content editors/creators to work on a specific framework, ensuring consistency and coherence to the content.

SEO + Link Building

Let’s say that you’ve done everything about SEO perfect. Let’s also say that the other 25 competitors of you did everything perfectly. Odder to win on hierarchy has the one with more backlinks than the other(s). Consider backlink as a point of referral for your site on the Internet. Google robots that crawl the internet infinitely, can count and recognize the number and the quality of the links towards your website. Creating and distributing great content increases the chances to be featured on another website, that will offer you a free link.

These are 5 important points to consider while you are designing your SEO strategy. Remember that winning on SEO is a long term game. Start doing things and the results will come. 

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