BrightonSEO 2023: Save the Date for the Ultimate SEO Event

BrightonSEO is the premier SEO event where the most brilliant minds in international SEO and localization come together to unlock the largest search marketing conference. This event gathers SEO experts and marketers from across the globe, offering the ideal platform to exchange ideas, learn, network and elevate your SEO skills.

Much like an annual SEO meetup, we have attended BrightonSEO for seven consecutive years (like BrightonSEO 2019), and each time, the event has not only exceeded our expectations but also significantly enriched our SEO expertise. will be in attendance once again.

Save the date(s)

  • 14/9/2023
  • 15/9/2023
  • 16/9/2023

The “Behind-the-Scenes” story of the SEO conference: BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO’s origins trace back to a casual gathering in a pub, where a group of people were discussing Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Kelvin Newman, the event’s organizer (and its driving force), was inspired during this pub chat. He suggested, “Why don’t we bring together SEO professionals, host a couple of talks, and provide an opportunity for industry peers to connect?” That’s how the event began.

A glimpse from previous BrightonSEO events

BrightonSEO: agenda of the top SEO conference 2023

💡 SOS Tip for die-hard SEO fans: 

The BrightonSEO conference has so many SEO workshops, SEO seminars, SEO masterclasses, and SEO speakers running simultaneously that it’s easy to get lost. Sometimes you have to be “picky”. But don’t worry, we’ll highlight the schedule to help you create a strategic plan for your selections in advance.

This is an image from a previous BrightonSEO main stage with areej_abuali

BrightonSEO Auditorium 1 – 14/9/2023

    Dom Hodgson – The top ten mistakes from monitoring 100,000 sites
    James George – How to conduct an efficient and effective competitor review
    Judith Lewis – Please stop making me fix this over and over – I am not Sisyphus
    Alice Rowan – Write your own f*cking website in 12 steps
    Chima Mmeje – 15 teardown examples of money keywords guaranteed to lift conversion Pascalle Bergmans – SEO: Story Effect Optimisation
  • 13.40 AI CONTENT
    Ryan Broderick – Memes in the age of AI
    Yvie Ansari – How to use AI to help build a winning content plan
    Jack Roberts – Scale up: How to create unique content with open-source tools 
    Maret Reutelingsperger – Supercharge your SEO content with email marketing
    Alina Benny – Iterative content strategy: workflows, fictions, and the honest truth
    Hannah Brady – Killer content & multichannel magic: a chaotic how-to guide
    John Mueller and Billie Geena – An update on Google Search

BrightonSEO Auditorium 2 – 14/9/2023

  • 9.30 BRAND
    Ivana Flynn – How to properly use SEO, branding and brand protection to lower your CPA
    Diane Wiredu – Master your messaging beyond SEO
    Tereza Litsa – How to keep the human element using AI for content and SEO
    Malcolm Coles – Learn how to combine google sheets functions and do keyword analysis in 5 minutes
    Charlie Whitworth – How to tackle keyword cannibalisation & dominate the organic SERPs
    Jess Maloney – Unleashing the full potential of keyword research
    Daniel Axelsson – Building an automated content strategy: practical tips and best practices
    Syphaïwong Bay – Create and automate content with(out) AI
    Jared Keleher – 15 things I’ve learned from 15,000 SEO articles
  • 15.20 STRATEGY
    Thierry Ngutegure – SEO’s sixth sense: seeing SEO’s future in today’s numbers
    Anna Bravington – Why does your CEO hate SEO?
    Jonathan Moore – My boss doesn’t think I’m strategic
  • 16.50 EAT
    Kelly Johnstone – The biology of building trust
    Kathy Wong – From experience to trust: How the evolution of E-E-A-T will affect your SEO strategy
    Chantal Smink – Why focussing on SEO will not help you to become an E-E-A-T

BrightonSEO Auditorium 3 – 14/9/2023

  • 9.30 LOG FILES
    Alex Wright – Getting down and dirty with log files
    Sally Raymer – How log file analysis can supercharge SEO
    James Gibbons – Googlebot log driven design & AI linking
  • 11.10 TIK TOK
    Mathilde Høj – What is TikTok SEO and how do you utilize it as a part of your SEO-strategy?
    Dr. Jamie Cohen – The TikTokification of everyday life
    Emily Long – Don’t be a magpie – how to avoid the distraction of shiny stuff when planning
  • 13.40 MANAGEMENT
    Kara Thurkettle – How to use psychology to better manage your SEO team (and your clients)
    Cat Goulbourne – Lessons from a 4-day workweek agency
    Valentina Stragliotto – The psychological hit of work failure – a guide from a digital fresher
    Dixon Jones – Entities in SEO
    Tuhin Banik – Significance of cost retrieval and leveraging semantics in SEO
    Kapwom Dingis – Semantic SEO for better rankings
  • 16.50 UX
    Rio Ichikawa & Kenichi Suzuki – Unlock the power of heatmaps: supercharge your SEO and UX strategy
    Sara Fernández Carmona – SEO+UX: it’s a match! Creating a winning SXO strategy
    Myriam Jessier – Banish image bloat with an image performance budget

BrightonSEO Auditorium 1 – 15/9/2023

  • 9.30 AI & SEO
    Jess Peck – A guide to understanding LLMs and AI
    Aleyda Solis – Embracing AI in SEO: how to 10x your SEO leveraging AI bots
    Azahara Corrales – Unlock the power of AI: harness AI to create your winning marketing strategy
    Margaret MacArthur – Designing viral content
    Katy Powell – Ideation: Thinking beyond the first idea
    Catherine Jones – From generic to genuine: creating stand out content in the AI era
  • 13.40 AI CONTENT
    Jade Symons – Can a fully AI-crafted website outsmart Google’s ranking algorithm?
    Ainhoa Lizarralde – Beyond ChatGPT – evaluating AI content tools
    Michał Suski – From AI to authority: why Al-generated content isn’t created equal
    Andy Mollison – Stop over-complicating your SEO strategy: making millions with metadata
    Tom Vaughton – How & why the history of SEO will help us plan for the future of search.
    Andrew Holland – The new SEO metric that makes SEO 10 x more valuable (and 10 x more effective)
  • 16.50 KEYNOTE
    Professor Hannah Fry – The trouble with automation

BrightonSEO Auditorium 2 – 15/9/2023

    Julien Deneuville – How to handle internal linking on large scale websites
    JM Felip – Wanted: link wranglers – taming your site’s wild herd
    Grace Frohlich – Pirates should use maps: how to build a user journey map for search
    Ellie Connor – How to measure SEO sustainability
    Faye Thomassen – Call tracking and search marketing: the combination you didn’t think you needed
    Hannah Rogers – Facing your fears: SEO forecasting
  • 13.40 SEARCH & SOCIAL
    Anthony Leung – LinkedIn’s secret weapon: SEO content
    Ray Saddiq – Social is more important to SEO than you think
    Meg Sharma – Level up your content by REALLY knowing your audienceg
  • 15.20 ECOMMERCE
    Rana Abu Quba Chamsi – Embracing multilingualism in ecommerce
    Ryan Hassel – From page to profit: mastering SEO indexation for ecommerce success
    Andy Frobisher – Shopifucked: How to screw up your e-commerce site when re-platforming

BrightonSEO Auditorium 3 – 15/9/2023

    Taleb Kabbara – Arabic SEO: how to engage 400 million Arabic speaking audiences
    Sukhjinder Singh – Scale a global SEO strategy with limited resources (and buy-in!)
    Dave Cousin – The 8 things to check if Google are ignoring your hreflang
    Ryan Jones – Mastering mental health in digital marketing’s always-on world
    Adrijana Vujadin – 3 sabotages that SEO professionals believe are good for them
    Tazmin Suleman – The most important algorithm you need to understand
    Bill Hartzer – Advanced link profile analysis in 2023
    Sinead McLarty – Finding sites when it feels like there are none
    Martin Hayman – How to skyrocket your SEO performance with content clusters
  • 15.20 SEO SUCCESS
    Steve Paine – The best of personal finance SEO. Visibility leaders research revealed
    Gemma Fontané – Unleashing the power of GA4 for B2B companies
    Noémie El-Maawiy – How to build a marketing strategy on a budget

You can also see the program here

Keynote Speakers

Becky Simms
Reflect Digital | Founder & CEO

Over the past 15 years, Becky has dedicated her career to the realm of digital marketing. In 2011, she initiated Reflect Digital, which has since flourished into a thriving team of more than 30 digital experts. Remarkably, in 2022, Becky achieved a noteworthy milestone by securing her spot on the BIMA 100 list for the second consecutive year. This list celebrates the top 100 individuals who are actively shaping the future of the digital industry.

Joshua George 
Founder | ClickSlice

Joshua George, renowned as London’s premier SEO Consultant, takes pride in being the founder of ClickSlice, an SEO agency with a strong emphasis on eCommerce, creating significant ripples in the industry. Josh is passionate about imparting knowledge and has shared his expertise with an impressive count of over 100,000 students, including providing SEO training to the British government. 

Rob Kerry
Re:signal | Commercial Director

Rob Kerry, boasting moe than two decades of industry expertise, stands as a prominent figure in the realms of Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce Development, and Website Migrations. After successfully spearheading SEO and Ecommerce initiatives within a major European retailer, he currently lends his prowess to assist other brands in augmenting their online revenue at the Ecommerce SEO agency, Re:signal.

Vicki Jakes
The Social Ads Squad | Managing Director

Vicki is a seasoned consultant specializing in online marketing and website optimization. Her mission is to empower small businesses to increase sales through their online presence. With more than two decades of experience, she has led international teams consisting of developers, designers, copywriters, user-experience specialists, and testers. Vicki excels in elevating website attractiveness and driving conversions. Her passion lies in simplifying complex concepts, providing accessible training, and leading The Social Ads Squad, a UK-based agency focused on generating leads through social advertising.

James Hayward-Browne
Bottled Imagination | Co-founder & Marketing Director

James, an award-winning creative turned marketer, has a track record of not only scaling up start-ups but also elevating established brands to even greater heights. He boasts an impressive portfolio of brands he’s worked with, rivaling the number of tennis tournaments he’s won – and he’s won quite a few.

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