Instagram Engagement – How to measure it depending on your business

instagram engagement rate

Instagram tends to be our favorite tool when we are talking about Social Media advertising. Brands related to fashion, cosmetics, jewels, beauty, travel and more, use Instagram to grow their revenues. Advertisers devise their creative plans, releasing countless posts and giveaways, expecting to hack the IG algorithm and grow the account. As you already know the visual (photo, video) is utmost importance to attract the User’s eye, whilst the metrics are the tools to watch the performance. And by metrics, we mean Impressions, Likes, Comments, Swipe Ups and Saves(!).

Instagram Engagement Rate is an important KPI

Another fact that brands and social media managers watch is consecutive changes to IG algorithm. Brands see their organic reach falling month by month, while their efforts are better than ever. This is an enemy that seems invincible,  because of the fact that these changes go live without any prior warning. Social Media Managers are alert all the time in order to find the next hack to get more followers and achieve better performance. And this is why everyone MUST measure Instagram Engagement. To support more our point, if you keep track of your IG Engagement Rate you can track any 

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According to, one of the most popular tools for Instagram management, there are three ways to set include the Instagram Engagement into your monthly KPI’s. Read more about the 3 different ways to calculate your Instagram Engagement. 

Method1 : Instagram Engagement divided by followers 

Makes sense and it can be understood very easy that your Instagram Engagement Rate can be measures if your sum the Likes and Comments of a single post, divide them by the followers you have and then multiply by 100. This is also the easiest way, because all this data are public.
TIP:  Don’t forger to benchmark your competitors usine this method. 😉

Instagram Engagement Rate= (Likes+Comments) / Followers x 100

Method2: Instagram Engagement divided by Impressions

If you are a data freak and you love to be precise in your reports, we suggest you this method. Following this method to calculate your Instagram Engagement Rate you will get a deeper view for your performance because of the accuracy of the method. It is better to base your data on more valuable metrics such as the Impressions of a post. The logic behind the calculation is the same, you only change the denoninator. By this way, your Rate will be based in the number of people who actually saw you Instagram Post. 
NOTE: You need to have an Instagram Business Profile to find out engagement. 

Instagram Engagement Rate= (Likes+Comments) / Impressions x 100

Method3: True(🤔) Engagement divided by Impressions

First thing first, by true engagement we mean that we measure “saves” as a variable of true engagement,  assuming that if a user saves a post, shows bigger interest from another user who just liked or commented. This is also the most relevant calculating method to the latest IG algorithm updated. Experts say that the more saves has an account in its posts, the higher impressions the account will get in general. From your Business Profile you will get this data. Go to Insight> Feed Posts> Sort by Engagement. And Voila!

Instagram Engagement Rate= (Likes+Comments+Saved) / Impressions x 100

So, dear Social Media Manager, start now calculating your Instagram Engagement Rate, add them in your KPI’s or your monthly reports and impress your colleagues! can be your trusted partner in your efforts to win more customers online! Our experts in Digital Marketing & Social Media will set a custom plan for your business in order to reach your Goals! 

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