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BrightonSEO is the world’s largest specialist search marketing conference, taking place twice a year in the beautiful city of Brighton. Thousands of SEO/SEM professionals are rushing to grab their seat at the stages of the event, from all over the world. But why BrightonSEO is so popular and professional love it? Let us educate you with a few important details:

  • BrightonSEO started out as a few people in a pub, talking about Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.
  • Kelvin Newman is the organizer and the soul of the event
  • The previous event sold out the 3.500 available tickets in 13 minutes
  • 95% of the attendees stated that every time they visit BrightonSEO, they do their job a little better
  • This year more than 80+ speakers will share their expertise and run workshops to elevate your skillset.


BrightonSEO schedule

Context of the BrightonSEO is divided into 30 different categories –yes the number is correct– with 3 speakers for each category, running in the same time, so we suggest you select carefully what you want to attend. We will try to highlight one speech per timeslot/stage to help you with the selection,

BrightonSEO Timeslot 1 | 10:00 am, 13/9/2019

  • Auditorium 1 | Topic “Future of Search” | Rethinking the Fundamentals of Keyword Research With The Insights From Big Data, by Tim Soulo from Ahrefs.
  • Adzooma Stage / Auditorium 2 | Topic “Small Budget SEO” | How to create a sexy AF PR pitch to land sexy AF links no matter your budget or brand, by Carrie Rose from Rise at Seven
  • Meeting Room 1 | Topic “Advertising”  | I don’t know how to run shopping ads and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask by Kirk Williams from ZATO
  • Syndicate 1&2 | Topic “Technical” | Don’t F*ck up with your site migration by Serena Pearson from Kaizen Agency
  • Syndicate 3&4 | Topic “Mobile” | Tips for optimizing Google Discover by Luci Wood from Blue Array
  • Toggl Stage | Topic “Amazon” | Amazon PPC – The Science Lab Of Your Amazon Business by Danny Mc Millian from Seller Sessions
  • Webcertain Stage | Topic “International Social” | How to drive global sales with Social Selling by Anlieka Marconi from Webcertain
  • Showcase Stage / Expo Hall | Topic “Reporting Showcase” | How Marketers miss up to 60% of their conversions – and how to capture them by Adam Chapman – Ballard from Mediahawk

BrightonSEO Timeslot 2 | 11:45 am, 13/9/2019

  • Auditorium 1 | Topic “Content SEO” | How to ‘SEO” forums, communities and UGC by Steph Whatley from Blue Array
  • Adzooma Stage / Auditorium 2 | Topic “Users First” | The future of search is understanding human psychology by Becky Simms from Reflect Digital
  • Meeting Room 1 | Topic “Wellbeing and Inclusion”  | Age diversity in SEO and why it is important by Tazmin Suleman from Argos
  • Syndicate 1&2 | Topic “Onsite Technical” | The best kept secrets from Robots.txt by Francois Goube from OnCrawl
  • Syndicate 3&4 | Topic “Ecommerce” | How to build perfect product landing pages by Alexandre Signoigne from Myposeo
  • Toggl Stage | Topic “Fundamentals” | Most important PPC updates from the last 12 months by Jeroen Maljers from Swydo
  • Webcertain Stage | Topic “International Search” | Why translating  your keywords and ads is a bad idea in PPC/paid media by Olivia Lofts from Webcertain
  • Showcase Stage / Expo Hall | Topic “Links and Outreach Showcase” | How reactive PR can lead to LINKS by Will Hobson
Image of BrightonSEO main stage
This is an image from a previous BrightonSEO main stage.

BrightonSEO Timeslot 3 | 14:30 pm, 13/9/2019

  • Auditorium 1 | Topic “SERP’s” | Mining the SERPs: How to make SERPs a powerful weapon in your SEO armory by Rory Truesdale from Conductor
  • Adzooma Stage / Auditorium 2 | Topic “Content Strategy” | How to turn your SEO from Zero to Hero with GAP by Lukasz Zelezny
  • Meeting Room 1 | Topic “Structured Data”  | What is new in Structured Data by Charlie Norledge from Impression
  • Syndicate 1&2 | Topic “PR & SEO” | How to get more from digital PR (without mentioning AVE) by Laura Hampton from Impression
  • Syndicate 3&4 | Topic “Market Analysis” | How machine learning insights can change the game of enterprise SEO (A 20x ROI case study) by Chris Liversidge from QueryClick
  • Toggl Stage | Topic “Ecommerce Advertising” | Supercharge your Google Shopping Campaigns by Alex Major from RedBrain
  • Webcertain Stage | Topic “International B2B” | Chine and WeChat: Opportunities in B2B by Anna Milburn from Webcertain
  • Showcase Stage / Expo Hall | Topic “SEO Showcase” | Site Migrations: Getting Onsite, Offsite & Technical Right by Chloe Bodard

BrightonSEO Timeslot 4 | 16:10 pm, 13/9/2019

  • Auditorium 1 | Topic “Advanced SEO” | Think like a bot, rank like a boss; How Googlebot renders by Jamie Alberico from Not a Robot
  • Adzooma Stage / Auditorium 2 | Topic “Onsite Optimization” | Improve your rankings with internal links, like this 7 popular sites by Christoph C. Cemper from LinkResearchTools
  • Meeting Room 1 | Topic “Automation”  | Insights, Not Data: Automated Reporting That Works by Dana DiTomaso from Kick Point
  • Syndicate 1&2 | Topic “Link Building/Outreach” | SEO2.1: How to own influencer & Content campaigns by Shannon Maybury and Sonali Ohrie
  • Syndicate 3&4 | Topic “Success” | How to create an effective split tesing matrix by Gary Spagnoli from Zen Anchor Digital
  • Toggl Stage | Topic “Social Media” | The relationship between pop culture and social media marketing by Yumna Kumran from Sleeping Giant Media

Don’t let yourself loose, organize your day at BrightonSEO, otherwise you will run like crazy, with a lot of chances to miss important things!

BrightonSEO Keyonote Speaker

This time the main stage of BrightonSEO will be occupied by the famous Dave Trott. Dave Trott will talk about the the way that people think,  why most of us think that complicated things are clever and why we should change this mindset in order to achive more. 

Dave Trott Wiki

Black and white photo of Dave Trott
This is Dave Trott, the keynote speaker at BrightonSEO

Dave Trott was born in UK, before 72 years. He is an accreditted creative director, copywriter and author. He studied in New York and he is a founder of advertising agencies. He owns a a blog, the “DAVE TROTT’S BLOG” where you can find more about him and his opinions. His career as an author started at 2009 when he published the “Creative Mischief” and after that he published the “Predatory Thinking, 2013”, “One plus One Equals Three, 2015” and his latest creation “CREATIVE BLINDNESS AND HOW TO CURE IT” which was published in 2019. Dave Trott speech objective is to inspire and motivate human to think in a more simple way, seeing clearly their goals and establish a non-complex mindset.

Last but not least, we did a reasearch for 1st time visitors at BrightonSEO and we suggest the most worth-visiting Brighton City landmarks, because SEO and fun goes together!

Brighton City Landmarks

The city of Brighton is a seaside town, with a very famous pier, the “Brighton Palace Pier” a real ornament in the aesthetic of the town. A walk in the pier and some photos there should be high at your “to-do-in-Brighton” list!

Another spot you should visit is the “Royal Pavilion” a historical and architectural landmark! The building is designed by John Nash in the early nineteenth century, based on Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. In the past, it used to be the holiday home for George, Prince of Wales.

Last but not least on the list is the “Sea Life Center” of Brighton, the world’s oldest aquarium! Victorian architecture and Gothic arches enclose rare sea creatures to meet and there is a rock pool where you can touch a sea anemone!

ON.marketing couldn’t miss BrightonSEO

For 5th time in a row, ON.marketing is attending the world’s largest SEO event! As a leading agency in Greece for SEO and Performance Marketing we are watching closely all the latest updates relevant to SEO and SEM. This time, Panos Ladas, Managing Director of ON.marketing and one of the most experienced professional in Greece will be at BrightonSEO. We will share updates and noteworthy content in real time so you won’t miss a thing from the event!

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