Panos Ladas presents at “Science of Search”, organized by BrightonSEO

Science of Search Conference by BrightonSEO with Panos Ladas

Panos Ladas,’s managing director, presents at “Science of Search”, organized by BrightonSEO.

Since day one of search engine optimisation, marketers have used scientific methods to better understand how search engines work. From those foundations we’ve seen the cross-pollination of search marketing and many scientific disciplines.

This practical hands on, virtual conference will explore how we can apply science to search marketing and where search marketing can learn from science.

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Panos’ talk at BrightonSEO’s “Science of Search” virtual conference title and description:

Google Discover, the little known traffic source that brings huge amounts of traffic

This talk will look at what Google Discover is and how to optimize your content & website for it: What kind of content strategy to follow, what kind of images & videos you need to use and what changes you need to do on the technical front of your website. Google Discover Optimisation is just like everything else you know for Search Engine Optimisation but a few new rules will change the way that you think of your content strategy forever!

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