5 Top Branded Video Trends You Should Recreate

branded video trends

Video content is one of the most popular content marketing tools for brands. There are a staggering 86% of brands using videos to promote their business online. With over 93% of marketers stating that incorporating videos has become effective, now every business owner uses video content for their campaigns. 

That’s why branded video is among the most used content marketing strategies in every business. Videos allow brands to deliver marketing information in a catchy and unique way that the audience can quickly understand at a single glance. 

Therefore, as much as 54% of customers prefer to watch video content to learn more about a brand or business. Others also state that watching online videos has become their way of life. According to a survey, about 50% of Millennials and Generation Z agree that they can’t live without videos in their lives.

These statistics pretty much sum up why a brand needs to create branded video content to reach out to a broader audience. 

What Is a Branded Video?

A branded video is a type of video marketing strategy produced by a brand to share brand values, stories, and cultures while also mentioning a product or service without directly promoting it. This video format generally aims to raise awareness about the brand, educate the target audience, and generate massive engagement. 

Although the purpose is to revolve around the brand value, mentioning a product to present solutions to the audience is acceptable. 

There are many types of branded videos, from compelling explainer videos that generate attention to tutorial videos that give simple guidance to those who need your assistance. 

If you introduce your brand through video content and revolve around its values, it’s called branded video, no matter what format you make it.

5 Branded Video Trends You Should Know

In this internet era, video content has become an important commodity that you need to have in your business. Since videos are the most loved content format with over 82% of internet traffic this year, recreating videos will be nothing but a good investment in your campaigns.

So, here are the most popular branded video trends in 2021.

1. Social media video

With the explosion of social media platforms over the past few years, having videos specifically designed for these platforms will benefit your business. 

Popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are a great start to make your brand shine overnight. These platforms have a number of loyal audiences that you can connect by publishing engaging posts to attract their attention.

Using social media platforms can significantly help you generate an audience from scratch. You can begin with making social media videos to boost traffic in a short time. Try understanding your target audience’s point of view to make the right content that leaves an excellent first impression. 

2. Live video

Live video has grown in popularity over the last three consecutive years. In 2019, people watched over 1.1 billion hours of live videos on social media and other platforms. The following year, live videos became the most engaging content on the internet that reached many. This year, about 80% of internet users prefer to watch live videos rather than reading blog posts when learning about a brand. 

With these staggering statistical numbers, it’s safe to say that live videos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In contrast, they are going strong as more internet users will come across video content when going online.  

Live videos are great for introducing your brand in real-time. This will give you a chance to showcase your business without getting any cover or going through the editing process. As a result, you can gain more trust from your potential customers. 

3. Interactive video

Interactive videos are one of the latest forms of video marketing strategies where viewers are able to interact and make a choice while watching the content at the same time. These video forms are yet to make a major debut in many businesses. However, some have implemented this approach and get a triumphant response from the audience. 

A survey says that interactive videos engage with viewers better, with 68% of marketers suggesting that the campaign will be a trend in the next few years. 

Having interactive videos allows your viewers to make a decision quickly. They can navigate the video, click on a button, and learn about some specific tools right from the screen. This can shorten your sales funnel as the audience is able to process and streamline your business ideas in a short time.   

4. Animation video

Animated videos have been popular for years now. They are fun and engaging, but they may not help you sell your product or services directly. However, they can be used as a marketing tactic by bringing attention to the video through animation alone.

The animated style is also very versatile, making it easy to work with several different ideas without limited time constraints or budgets. For example, you can produce animated scenes at a single studio. This means you don’t need to build an entire set for live-action shots that sometimes can be costly. 

Moreover, animated videos can connect with practically everyone, from children to adults. You’re able to improvise an animation style and storyline to fit your target audience’s preference. This also means that you can make many things that match your brand’s images with animated videos. 

5. Vlog

Vlogging is a type of video blogging where the presenter or subject speaks directly to the camera about daily life events. This style is very popular among YouTubers and content creators that make daily vlogs about their life. 

Although this option isn’t famous among business owners over recent years, it’s predicted that vlogging will be a new marketing strategy that generates viewers (and customers). Vlogging allows you to showcase your brand value and story in an informal yet professional way.

This approach will help you reach out to a much wider audience, especially for those who enjoy watching exciting videos rather than serious and too formal corporate content.

This video format can show your customers that you are real people just like them with similar goals and values or can provide entertainment separate from your product. This strategy is also effective because vlogs give companies an opportunity to reach out beyond standard advertising techniques when promoting products through video content online.

Bottom Line

Branded videos have become an important tool to raise awareness about your business in the mass of online content today. With exciting and compelling video content about your brand, people will feel more connected with your business and consider using your products to solve their problems. 

As video content keeps trending, this article should help you find the most intriguing trends that help your brand grow tremendously. From social media videos to vlogging, these branded video trends allow you to reach out and connect with the audience worldwide. 


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