About Panos Ladas

ON.marketing is a dynamic online marketing start-up. ON.marketing’s focus from the beginning has been on performance marketing, growing our client’s exposure, web traffic and ultimately business through results-oriented, data-driven online marketing campaigns.

Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with proven marketing expertise, results-oriented mindset and effective growth strategy, performance and data-driven marketing activities and even bring common sense in digital business.

The tools and weapons of choice that lead to traffic & conversion growth are:

  • Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing
  • Google Ads (also known as AdWords)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • digital PR activities

We are Pioneers in Online Marketing

From creating the first Google Partner in Greece to the biggest SEO project in Greece we have proven many times that we look ahead for the next big thing! With more than 15 years of experience in the online marketing sector, we have seen Performance Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising and every aspect of people’s interaction with the Internet change many times over. We know every detail of how all of them can be combined and produce the most amazing results for our customers!

We are the Digital Marketing Partner You Can Trust

We enjoy working closely with our clients, communicate frequently, act fast and flexible in a professional manner and always be ready to respond to their business needs. We always think and act as partners with our clients, we become part of their business and we commit to their business success.

We are proud partners of major online businesses from different market industries in every continent, offering them solid expertise and valuable growth. Feel free to ask for our references!

We create and run our own projects that are used by tens of thousands of users around the world. ON.marketing ultimate purpose is to design for your online business the most effective digital marketing strategy you will ever have, driven by data and creative ideas, to expose your brand to the right audience, at the right time, in the right context with performance marketing in the core.

ON.marketing’s CORE VALUES

Every day, we switch ON, with a purpose: to help our partners grow their brands and achieve their online marketing goals.

  1. ACTION: We take action, we work hard, we create.
  2. SPEED: It is urgent to serve our partner’s needs.
  3. DATA-DRIVEN: Decisions are data-driven, opinions & proposals must be supported by data.
  4. MENTALITY: We think BIG, we take initiatives, we take the lead in projects (even in unexplored paths) and make a difference for our partners.
  5. DELIVER VALUE: We are results-driven, focused on winning and committed on being the best.
  6. PASSION: We care deeply about communicating effectively, grasping attention & increasing brand awareness, traffic & conversions.
  7. ATTITUDE: We accept every challenge with respect, without fear, and with a positive attitude.
  8. TEAM: We work with great people, we hire and develop the same way. W
  9. LEARNING: Change is constant, we learn & become better every day, we optimize our clients’ marketing every day.
  10. FUN: We celebrate success in inspirational ways.

ON.marketing’s methodology

ON.marketing embraces the agile approach to delivering marketing strategy and projects to our clients, we organize all our work in scrums, with agreed deliverables for each sprint. Learn more about agile marketing.


If you like this way of thinking then work with us!

ON.marketing Founder: Panos Ladas