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Checkout Pages Optimization – A study by

An ancient saying in eCommerce says:

“If eCommerce professionals recognized the importance of the Checkout page, they would make it Homepage”.  The true meaning behind this phrase is that in the majority of the eshops do not pay attention to the checkout page. The page where the Visitor takes the decision to become a Customer. In fact, recent studies has shown that eCommerce conversion rates can improve by 35% if you spend time optimize your checkout process. Most of the times, a checkout page includes fields to fill your personal and an overview of your basket. And this is how this page must be but with some enhancements it can really make a difference in the conversions and the User Experience.

How to check if my Checkout Page needs optimization?

Given the fact that you are an eCommerce professional, the first thing you have to do is to forget that you are. You should start thinking as an inexperienced Internet user that want to buy something online. Pretend that your one of your parents, trying to complete an online buy. When you are into the role, ask yourself these questions:

  • How easy is to register/sign up/ sign in?
  • Are all the things I have to do on one screen? (important especially when we are looking mobile websites)
  • Do I like the design?
  • Does the overall experience meet my expectations?
  • Can I trust this site?
  • How easy is to give my money?

Next step is to make the same thing for your main competitors’ checkout pages. Remember to write down the answer and create a map to keep this overview. Then go back to your checkout page and note the first thing that you want to change. And start from this

If you have other questions to add above, feel free to share your opinion in a comment below.

Checkout Pages Optimization – 10 Top Tips

Our Growth Marketer in are experts in this topic. This is because we have completed more than 25 projects regarding the checkout pages optimization. NOTE: Do not apply the below tip in ONE page. These tips occurred from many different cases that we worked on! Let’s start:

  1. Use large, clear fonts, specially optimized for mobile devices
  2. Add some color in the background, works mostly in fashion eshops
  3. Define the checkout journey with steps, with a clean cut design
  4. [for Checkout as a Guest] Ask email first
  5. Give all the potential way for payment
  6. Add a “personal” greeting in the text
  7. Show clearly the basket price
  8. Show trust marks and certifications in order to be trusted
  9. Make it easy to enter discount coupons or collect/redeem loyalty points
  10. Implement Cart Abandonment automation

Probably the last one is and the most important. You may have the perfect checkout page, the best price, and the super design but for many, unknown reasons the visitor will not complete the order. Cart Abandonment in Checkout Pages is a tactic that very few e-commerce websites have, and as a result money is going to your competitors.

Start increasing your Revenue by optimizing your Checkout Page, now!