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Another day in the office, in front of my laptop, comfortably seated in my chair, constantly thinking about’s new blog post. Searching for something interesting and “light” also, as we are in mid-July. And suddenly, BOOM! Eureka! I will make an article about the top “holiday-related” search trends based on Google Trends tool. So, I made this article for everyone who hasn’t booked her/his summer vacation.

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“Holiday-related” search terms

When the summer period is starting, the “holiday-related” search terms start to rise. Most popular questions are related to holidays, destinations, fashion, etc. We decided to focus on “accommodation” search terms. More specifically, we examined the below search queries*, for 12 months period:

  • hotels
  • rooms to let
  • accommodation
  • camping

*In fact, we used these queries in Greek.

As always. we went deeper to review and find what exactly Users are searching related to their holidays. Also, we found some very interesting finding regarding the top/trending related queries. For example,

  • Which destination is amongst the top 5 positions for the keyword “accommodation”?
  • What exactly Users ask when they are searching for hotels?
  • Which are the top Trending destinations in Greece?

We collected some surprising stats to share with you! Pay attention, pal!

Search Trends – Rooms to Let

IMPORTANT NOTE: Data in charts are automatically updated by Google, so you might spot differentiations in the finding between text and charts, as time passing by. 

Now, you can have a look below about the top search trends* for “Rooms to Let in Greece”.

Top 5 Destinations in Greece

  1. Chalkidiki
  2. Lefkada
  3. Thasos  (!)
  4. Parga 😕
  5. Preveza

Rising destinations in Search

  1. Chalkis
  2. Limnos
  3. Kithnos
  4. Ios
  5. North Evia

*We ignored queries without destination

Check the interactive Google Trends chart and discover more!

Search Trends – Hotels

The most interesting finding about the “hotels” category is that only 5/25 queries including [hotel + destination] are included! It is also amazing that people are searching for “All inclusive hotels” intensively bringing this query in the 3rd place.

Top Related Queries for Hotels

Is it also strange that in the rising searches for “hotels”, only 3 islands are placed in the top-10!

Search Trends – Accomodation

“Accomodation” is a more generic keyword, nesting both “hotel” & “rooms to let”. The user intent is more clear in this case. User search somewhere to stay, check the options and then select. 

On the top of the list for the top trending Search Terms, you will find Athens. In the rest 9 positions we see Tinos [❤], Nafplio, Pelion, Trikala & Pelion. Check the rest for yourself, here👇

Trending Queries for Camping 🏕

Camping is not for everyone, but for these fanatic campers we have a usefull info; where NOT to go this summer. Because everyone else is searching for this location, so eventually the place will be overcrowded.

Users search for Chalkidiki, Evia, Elafonisos, Yialova, Antiparos and Samothraki. 
Almost forgot to mention that #2 in top searches is the query “free camping” who are looking for “camping stuff”

What about travel industry big players?

Hotel fare aggregators and Airbnb are vital part of the Users Searches. How the searches about the big brands evolved in the last 5 years and how this is depicted in companies’ growth and market positioning? What intresting facts we can spot via the graph below?

Booking, Trivago & Airbnb branded searches evolution


Key results from the Google Trends graph

  1. Trivago lost 2nd position [summer 2016] by Airbnb, which is constantly expanding the gap between them.
  2. [summer  2016] Booking lost some volume, probably by the raise of Airbnb.
  3. Searches are peaking always in the last week of July and/or the first week of August. Wait; This means that people don’t book their holiday earlier? 🤯
  4. Airbnb is in a continuous growth, as we can see a clear YoY raise in the Users Searches.

PS: Charts from Goolgle Trends are updated frequently, so variations may occur as days passing by.

What is the purpose of analyzing Search Terms?

The meaning behind analyzing search terms is that this methoda can be applied to any online business. Analysis will help you find strong points, discover opportunities and avoid bad decisions. 

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